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composer(s)title, year, instrumentation
Georg Hajdu Sleepnessness (1988)
For flute, live electronics and narrator
Jeremy Haladyna En la Estera Del Chilam Balam (On the Mat of the Jaguar Priest)
For amplified flute
Jonathan Hallstrom Cecilia's Filaments (1992)
For flute and electronics
Jeff Hamburg Duo-decimi (1994)
For piccolo / bass flute and flute ensemble or tape
Peter Hannan Pandemic (1981)
For recorder and tape delay
Peter Hannan RSRCH 4/83 (1983)
For tenor recorder and tape delay
Peter Hannan RSRCH 2/84 (1984)
For "solo instrument" and tape
Peter Hannan Breakdown (1985)
For recorder and computer controlled synthesizers
Sten Hanson Electro-acoustic work for recorder and tape
For recorder and tape
James Harley Anasazi: Kokopeli I (2001)
For amplified piccolo and electronics
James Harley Per Foramen Acus Transire (2002)
For flute/bass flute and tape
Jonty Harrison Luftflut (1984)
For flute and tape
Jonty Harrison Concertino (1988)
For alto flute (or other woodwind) and optional live electronics
Lawrence Hartzell Sonata for flute and tape (1988)
For flute and tape
Jonathan Harvey Ricercare una melodia (2) (1984)
For flute and tape delay
Mitsuyo Hashida Perception (2000)
For flute and computer
Thorsteinn Hauksson Flèttur
For amplified tenor recorder and tape
Žorsteinn Hauksson Cho
For flute and computer sounds
Chung Shih Hoh Dragon Singing. Autumnal Water (2002)
For flute and computer
Anthony G. Holland Epitaxy (1986)
For flute and computer generated tape (or Kurzweil 250 synthesizer)
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